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Square Stage
Steps to Piecing your Zen

Step 1

We determine your Organizational Type.

Step 2

We determine the main focus in your life.

Square Stage




Take a Deep Breath

Clear Mind and Space




Create Organizing Plan

Sort, Categorize & Zone


Does the space reflect your focus?

How to Maintain


Customer Reviews

"I am in love with my space because of PiecingZen. I now know where everything is and that makes life so much easier. When friends visit I rave about Ashley's systems and now they are inspired to get organized!"

Ana Cervantes

"All moms need to have PiecingZen help you out! I can't tell you how many times I buy baby things that I forget about. Now I can see it all in front of me. If you need help having the perfect calming house, hit her up"

Desi Montes

"I will attest that PiecingZen is the absolute best! Ashley reorganized two rooms and some closets for me and a year later, the categorization system she put in place has endured and was just what I needed. She's amazing!"

Leola Oliver

"PiecingZen really helped me get organized and helped me feel so centered! I did not realize that organizing my home would make my life so much more simple but PiecingZen did just that!"

Jamie Newman

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